Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to record a music video of “Hallelujah”. What an experience! I am amazed by all the helping hands that came together to make this possible. From the incredible production team, to the generous family who owned the piano and property where we filmed, to the loving support and extra set of hands provided by my husband and dear friend, it was an experience for which I am most thankful!

Why this song? As an instrumentalist, it’s most often the melodies and harmonies that most catch my attention and draw me to a piece of music. While the beautiful chord structure of the original song is very familiar in our ears, in my arrangement of the piece, I’ve tried to take it on a journey of sorts – through different moods, to unexpected keys, and back again.

A Little Deeper: The word “Hallelujah,” is simply an expression of praise. What I love about this song is that through all it’s simple moments, it’s expressive movements, it’s darkness, it’s rises and falls, there is this constant echo of “Hallelujah.” What better example of how to live life could we have? It’s easy to be thankful in the simple, sweet moments. But even through the darkness, in the struggles, there is still a light shining for us on the other end.

There is always a reason to sing “Hallelujah.”