January 2014

The New Year is underway and that always prompts me to think over the past year and appreciate it’s joys, contemplate the coming year, set goals and make plans.

Recording, releasing, and performing my Christmas album “Wonder: Songs for the Season” was most certainly one of the most ambitious, most challenging, yet most invigorating projects I have ever tackled. I can’t say I loved every moment along the way, but seeing it all come together and hearing the responses from the listeners makes it a rewarding experience.

That project was the biggie- but that’s not the typical day for me. So much more real life happens outside of the recording and performing.

Last fall, my dear friend and talented writer, Kate Meadows, interviewed me for her blog series that features artists and writers. I was honored to be included and have her share a little behind-the-scenes look into my life as a musician. While I SHOULD have shared this with you all when it first came out, I’m actually happy to share it now as I’m willing to bet, if your life is anything like mine, things are a little slower for you now and you may actually have time to read! Read the full interview here!